Promote automotive safety electronics technologies and products mature

I hope the country as soon as possible to the relevant norms and standards in this regard, it provides an effective basis for the enforcement of the law enforcement agencies.

Event of school bus safety, traffic safety once again pushed to the cusp, led to the thinking of the community on traffic safety, including vehicle active safety, passive safety, driving habits, all aspects of the supervision system. At the same time concerned about the safety performance of the vehicle itself, the role of the automotive safety electronics for enhancing road safety index was again seriously. According to concerned parties in recent years, the U.S. school bus safety performance, ongoing technology upgrades, many companies regard the GPS system, security surveillance systems and other electronic used auto parts equipment fitted to a school bus.

Automotive electronic technology has been widely used in automotive engine control, chassis control, body control, fault diagnosis, as well as communications, navigation. The composition of the vehicle cost, the proportion of electronic products will be increasingly a car prices official told reporters: “The total cost of the cost of automotive electronics in compact cars below 1.6 liters accounted for 15 percent high-end car for 28%, 47% hybrid vehicles. car of the future is the computer-driven smart car four wheel walking. “and” security “is clearly an indispensable branch of the smart car.

Indeed, the increasingly frequent traffic accidents “Pengci” event to allow owners to deeply worried about the demand for vehicle safety is increased year by year. Can see that from HC automotive electronics market data security products to capture the lead in the September 2011 automotive electronics industry, the entire vehicle visual accounted for 23% of the amount of concern.