The audience still concentrated in the ultra-luxury car or a beautiful models

Multinational auto companies to enter China can not escape,The audience still concentrated in the ultra-luxury car or a beautiful models Articles often visiting the auto show people wore clothes from the body of the car models how much judgment out of the car brand awareness, the more edge brand, the more we rely on Cars bare body to attract attention.

New energy vehicles as one of the highlights of the Beijing Auto Show, as usual neglected concern their most auto industry. Perhaps this situation will soon change.

On the eve of the opening of the Beijing Auto Show, the Chinese government has adopted energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020). This plan introduced means that China has opened the curtain of the industrialization of electric vehicles, and would like to take this to 2015, Chinese production of passenger car fuel consumption level than it is now reduced by 20%.

Reference to the advanced international level “also shows that the Chinese government believes that in its infancy in the field of electric vehicles, technical level comparable with the developed countries in Europe and the United States, China is expected to take to achieve the transition from a car to car power.

In recent years, the issue on the direction of development of new energy vehicles, automotive industry has been debated in the wait for a while, the Chinese government has finally decided to step in Europe and America followed the choice of electric vehicles as a strategic priority, and hope to come from behind.

To this end, the Chinese government has also decided that the introduction of supporting policies: subsidies for private users, according to local conditions the construction of the slow charge pile and fast public power exchange facilities, increase the support of fiscal and monetary policy.

Already smell the wonderful prospects of gossamer ant trace the car companies are portrayed electric vehicles to the Beijing Auto Show, Volkswagen SUV models equipped with TDI plug-in hybrid technology and pure electric concept car, Toyota, General Motors and other car companies also have brought the electric vehicle product or concept car.

However, in order to achieve sales of 500,000 in twike 5 price more than three years, making China the world’s first to achieve the objectives of the countries of the electric vehicle industry, still looks difficult.Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. In 2011, China sold only 5579 of pure electric vehicles.

Was born as early as half a century of electric vehicles than fuel vehicles, the reason why I did not become “change the world machine”, an important reason is that fast charging and driving the short mileage can not be solved, so the Model T Ford to create elimination out. 100 years later, the electric vehicle battery technology is still not achieved a revolutionary breakthrough. An important cause of electric vehicles in the world struggling.

Before the Chinese government, Obama led the U.S. government through the industrialization of electric vehicles to get rid of the oil bound and domestic fuel automotive technology lags behind Europe and Japan, the situation and put forward an ambitious goal: By 2015, one million electric cars on the road, and in 2009 by way of subsidies to encourage consumers to buy.